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Written in collaboration with Silly Science with Simon

About the show

When Phoebe’s house is flooded during a storm, her parents take her to stay with her distant Uncle Linus in his rickety 200-year-old manor. With its many rooms and creaky floorboards, Phoebe just wants to be back home. That is until she discovers her uncle working away in a grand laboratory! As Linus shares some spectacular science experiments, Phoebe’s imagination takes over. Together, they weave the experiments into a magnificent story that uncovers what it means to be family. 

The biggest lessons to be learnt aren't just ones of science… 

Written in Collaboration with Simon Blacket from Silly Science with Simon, I Wonder... will be part of our 2024 Public Season as well as our 2024 Schools Tour Program.


Simon Blacket holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree, for which he was awarded the Honours Alumni University Medal. In 2019, he started Silly Science with Simon with the goal of making science fun and exciting for kids. His YouTube videos have over 500,000 views, and his live shows have been performed to captive audiences at the Capri Theatre.








Dates & Times

Friday 12th - Saturday 13th July

10am, 12pm, 2pm


The Don Pyatt Hall,
Norwood Concert Hall
175 The Parade

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