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You thought you knew all about Christmas, but have you ever heard of book nooks and Grunkels?

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The Flying Elephant Company is proud to present the world premiere of Book Nooks – A Christmas Musical.


Every year on Christmas eve, 11-year-old Jack Barker and his grandpa delivered candy canes and other sweets to the houses in their town, but this Christmas will be the first since Grandpa passed away. As the Barker’s move into the newly inherited family home – the traditional gathering place for Christmas – Jack refuses to join the celebrations, believing that doing so would be leaving his grandpa behind.


However, one night after an argument with his parents Jack finds himself in a magical village of Grunkels – the miniature makers of Christmas sweets – who have made their homes within the forgotten encyclopedias and history books that sit on the top shelves of his grandpa’s bookcase. The Grunkels had found refuge with Jack’s grandpa after escaping a great reckoning in their homeland. But now Grandpa is no longer around, they have no way of getting their Christmas sweets out to all the children of the town. That is until Jack comes to town.


Although reluctant at first, Jack grows close to the amiable creatures and carries on the tradition of delivering the Grunkel's sweets, house by house. All the while Jack learns how to cope with his loss, he rediscovers his joy for Christmas, and reconnects with his family.

School Booking text

What better way to end the school year than to discover a little bit of Christmas magic?

Session times are open to school bookings for lower and upper primary students. For more information or to make a booking, please email with the subject line: SCHOOL BOOKINGS - BOOK NOOKS

$10 per student with free entry for supervising teachers.

Dates and Times text

Tuesday 17th December

10am, 12pm

Wednesday 18th December

10am, 12pm

Thursday 19th December

10am, 12pm

Friday 20th December

10am, 12pm

Saturday 21st December

11am, 2pm

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To be announced

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